Retirement Planning

By Jim Kreid

Retirement planning shouldn’t be a guessing game. Solid Rock uses rolling timeframe analysis that takes data going back to 1926, allowing us to see exactly what would have happened to your retirement based on *historical data. Our tools and financial plans address retirement’s largest questions.

  • Did I ever run out of money?
  • Did I get the amount of income I wanted?
  • How much money is left over?
  • How & when should I take social security.

We believe managing behaviors and the order in which you spend your money is key to a happy and successful retirement. Our comprehensive plans are designed to help you achieve the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

*Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Comprehensive Planning

Our planning approach covers more than just your employer plan. We look at your entire financial picture and give you specific advice to suit your personal retirement needs.

Behavioral Coaching?

If we can show you a plan based on historical data, we can make a more level-headed decision with how we manage money and emotions.

What is Values Based Investing?

Values based investing combines what you stand for and invests your hard earned money into companies that share the same beliefs as you.

ESG vs. Values Based Investing

Values based investing takes the opposite approach of ESG. Rather than using your dollars for a “woke” agenda, you can invest your money in companies that share and support your same values.

See what your “Social” score would be based on ESG Standards

How Do You Help CAT Employees?

We’ve worked with dozens of Caterpillar employees and retirees to provide them with a plan that addresses all of their financial questions.

Order of Withdraw Strategy?

Taking money out in the right order can make a significant difference in retirement. Saving and investing is important, but once you’re retired how you spend your money is just as important.

Biblical Responsible Investing

We help our clients invest in companies that share their same Christian values, not just exclude companies that don’t.

Make A Difference

We all want to make a difference in our world, using our money to support those that share our same beliefs is a key way to bring about change.

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