Many who have a Biblical world view would say that the Bible informs all of their decisions. Yet, most of those people did not apply…

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your values or returns for doing what’s right with your money. At Solid Rock, we help a number of our clients align their…

For most employees, their single largest asset is their 401(k), however most people don’t know how to invest their employer plan.

Retirement planning shouldn’t be a guessing game. Solid Rock uses rolling timeframe analysis that takes data going back to 1926, allowing us to…

We can help you change the world by helping you choose investments that champion your values!

A Storm Is Coming.
Are You Prepared?

The foundations of our future are threatened. Many of the institutions we once thought safe are now eroding. Changes in entitlements, government spending and longevity endanger our plans for retirement. If we fail to address these coming storms, our retirement house will collapse.

The time has come to move the foundation of your financial future from the shifting sands to the rock.

We’re a full service financial management firm specializing in
comprehensive plans to encompass all aspects of our clients’ lives.

College Planning

With the rising costs of college, it’s never too early to get started on your college savings plan. Let SRRS help along the way.

Financial Planning

Knowing everyone’s situation is different, we offer a wide range of financial, retirement and pension planning services.

Retirement Planning

If you are nervous about beginning the seemingly complex process of planning for retirement, we can help.

One important factor when planning for your retirement is knowing how much money you will need during your retirement years, but did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Labor,

fewer than half of all Americans have calculated how much money they’ll need in retirement.


Introducing 401K+

Solid Rock Retirement Strategies is proud to introduce a new and improved way to manage your 401K plan: 401K +.

Many people do not have the proper skills or knowledge to effectively manage their most important asset, their 401K. With the brokerage window option, professional management can be accessed. With pensions rapidly reducing and sometimes disappearing, it’s becoming even more important to give proper attention to your personal retirement savings. Solid Rock Retirement Strategies in Peoria, Illinois and their wealth advisors have the time, training and experience to take emotion out of the equation and help with crucial decisions when it comes to managing your 401K. We are your number one 401K retirement company in the Peoria, IL area.

Social Security: Know Your Options

Knowing when and how to claim your Social Security retirement benefits can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Make sure you ask questions and more importantly, make sure you understand the answers. A few things to consider:

  • Strategies have changed!
  • Know your “Retirement Age”
  • Know the benefits of “when” to turn on your benefits
  • Ask questions
  • Work with a financial professional
72 %

of people surveyed receiving Social Security Benefits, said it accounts for at least 50% of their income.

Source: “Longevity Risk and Reward for Middle-Income Americans,” Bankers Life and Casualty Company Center for a Secure Retirement, in conjunction with the Boomer Project.